IMPpress publishes poetry and art in three forms:

  • a quarterly e-zine containing poems, art, features, articles & reviews
  • short collections (usually no more than 20 poems) of paper-back pamphlets
  • and longer soft-back book collections and anthologies

The on-line version of the e-zine is FREE; as is the downloadable, PDF version for off-line reading.

We use Issuu & Magcloud for our e-zine and Blurb for all paper back and soft-back publishing.

You can view and our recent publications on-line by clicking on the links left . To turn the pages and read them on-line click on their covers.

If you wish to purchase a paper copy of the e-zine, pamphlets or books we suggest you get in touch with our editor via our email contact. He usually has a spare copy or two he can post. Failing that you can use Magcloud or Blurb's print on demand service and order them directly.